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Louder Than Usual

Hi there. I like to read fic, and I sometimes rec what I enjoy. I tend to stay pretty quiet in my corner of the internet, but I promise I don't bite - if you want to squee or rec something to me, then feel free to pull up a chair and make yourself at home. Most of my posts are flocked, but recs lists and some other random things are available for your perusal.

I'm over 18.

1950s housewives, achingly hot sexual tension, amanda reddemanne, authority figures, bad girls, bamf yvonne atkins, bdsm, boxset marathons, bright eyes, candice wearing bitchin' glasses, cards for pain, cracks, cybill, dakin/irwin, damages, detective superintendent sandra pullman, evil queens, femmes, femslash, german, harry potter fandom c.2004, helen stewart, hiking, hurry up uter, issues of consent, kink, leonard cohen, maryann thorpe, maryann/cybill, matilda, mind games, miranda/andy, modern history, power struggles, repression, russian, ruth evershed, shoes, skins, slash, snape, snape/harry, snapledore, spooks, subtext, sucker punch, susan/simon, sybil, teacher/student relationships, teachers, the batman, the history boys, torchwood, victoria coren, we're flamingos, wendy sewing on shadows